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Digitalization is changing the rules of the game

The world is turning faster and faster and the way we perceive our environment, we move, or how we work is constantly changing. Digitalization is changing the rules of the game and offering us new opportunities for a better understanding of complex issues.

Stay on track with digital twins

Digitalization affects all areas in which we are active. Infrastructure projects are becoming more and more complex, for the necessary overview we use digital models, documentation systems and business processes. Building Information Modeling (BIM) and geographic information systems are of central importance, as important prerequisites for mapping the real world and as the key to a digital twin.

We use cutting edge remote sensing methods

Together with our partners from business and science, we use the most modern satellite and drone systems to record the earth’s surface as well as the subsurface. The information obtained in this way is particularly valuable for planning and monitoring infrastructures and buildings as well as for the detection of natural hazards such as landslides.

Blending of the real and digital world

With mixed and augmented reality systems, the real world is merged with the digital one. Experiencing both worlds at the same time improves the perception of complex issues and is particularly helpful in decision-making in different project phases.

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