Our office in Chile

GC Chile as been offering high quality engineering services in the fields of infrastructure, tunneling and mining since 1997 – with experts committed to building a stronger city.

GC Chile
+56 2 651 2100
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GEOCONSULT Latinoamerica Chile S.A.
Av. Andrés Bello 2777
Oficina 502
Las Condes, Santiago
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About GC Chile

Geoconsult Latinoamérica Chile S. A., was founded in 1997 as part of the GC Group: a Latin American subsidiary based in Santiago de Chile. At the beginning, our focus involved consulting for the underground engineering of Metro systems. During the last years, we extended our working field and we now support industries such as Transportation (Metro; Highways, Railways), Mining and Energy (generation and transport) with innovative solutions.

From the beginning, one of our main clients was Metro Santiago, with who we still work together. We also advise other companies and national authorities with our wide range of services we offer. The principal markets where we focus on are Chile, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador.

Office and staff

Our record of success of the projects would not be possible without our competent team of employees. They are passionately committed to building a stronger county while showing consideration and respect for the environment. Our top priority is to provide our customers with high quality, comprehensive, sustainable and profitable service.

The office is in the affluent Las Condes district. The central location and the lively and modern neighborhood are an excellent place for our employees as the infrastructure allows a well connection. This also allows us to ensure efficient processing of the development of projects.