Munich’s second core S-Bahn route

The new 2nd core line Munich has been necessary for a long time, because of the populaiton growth in the city.

At a glance
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Adaptation to today’s requirements

The existing Munich local transport system, with more than 440 km of tracks and 1,000 train journeys per day, is already one of the largest S-Bahn networks in Germany. Since it now carries more than 800,000 people but was originally only designed to carry 250,000 passengers, it is obvious that this important public transportation system needs to be expanded.

The expansion

The new 2nd core line will extend over a total of 10 km from Laim train station in the west of the city via the new underground stations main station, Marienhof and Ostbahnhof to the Leuchtenbergring station in the east.

The main features of the new east-west connection are the 7 km long tunnels, three new underground stations (Hauptbahnhof, Marienhof, Ostbahnhof) and the renovation of two above-ground stations (Laim, Leuchtenbergring): Two main tunnels will be designed for passenger trains and a third tube will be designed as an exploration and rescue tunnel. Due to the existing underground lines (underground network) and numerous underground connections in Munich, the new tunnels and stations will be up to 40 m below the surface of the site.

As part of an engineering community, GC GROUP provides construction supervision services.

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