Bosrucktunnel full extension and general renovation of the eastern tunnel tube

A9 Phyrn motorway

In 1983 the first tube of the Bosruck Tunnel was opened to traffic. This was completely refurbished in the course of the full expansion with the addition of a second tunnel tube.

At a glance

Construction of the Bosruck Tunnel

Within 6 years, the western tunnel tube of the Bosruck tunnel was rebuilt with all additional relevant construction measures such as the construction of cross passages, conversion of the portal buildings, construction of galleries and work on the architectural design of the portal buildings.

From old to new

The existing tunnel was also completely refurbished during this period. The renovation included on the one hand the removal, disposal and restoration of the inner shell in the area of the pressurized mountains and on the other hand the connection of the newly built cross passages in the existing tunnel tube, the complete renewal of the roadway (substructure, superstructure and concrete roadway), upgrading of the intermediate ceiling and the Drainage system and expansion of the fire-fighting water pipeline.

In both cases, the entire electrotechnical equipment was implemented, refurbished or expanded.

Services in a nutshell

  • Care of construction site safety, compliance with quality, implementation of the acceptance tests, accounting and cooperation in project management
  • Supervision of the proper and professional implementation of all work to be carried out according to the recognized rules of engineering
  • Supervision of the work on site (construction, planning and services)
  • Initiation and monitoring of suitability, quality and acceptance tests in accordance with the relevant technical regulations
  • Ongoing observation and (geological) assessment of the rock behavior as well as the tunnel construction interpretation of the geotechnical measurements as the basis for tunneling
  • Initiation and monitoring of suitability, quality and acceptance tests for all E&M work in accordance with the relevant technical regulations
  • Control schedule: create, update, coordinate (construction time, schedule control, time planning)
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