Albvorland tunnel

Wendlingen, Germany

The 8 km long tunnel is part of the major project Stuttgart 21 of Deutsche Bahn between Stuttgart and Ulm

At a glance
Deutsche Bahn
ARCADIS, Emch+Berger und KMS (als Ingenieurgemeinschaft)

The core piece of Stuttgart 21

The new line betwenn Wendlingen and Ulm of Deutsche Bahn is part of the major project Stuttgart 21, which connects Stuttgart with the city of Ulm. In addition to the reorganization of the Stuttgart (S21) rail junction, the new Wendlingen-Ulm line is the core of the largest expansion concept for public rail transport in Baden-Württemberg since the 19th century. The maximum line speed on the new line should reach 250 km / h.

The section Wendlingen – Ulm

The eastern 60 km long section from Wendlingen to Ulm initially overcomes the ascent to the plateau of the Swabian Alb and then the descent towards Ulm. This section comprises a total of 30 km of tunnels, 17 railway crossings and 20 road bridges in a total of 8 plan approval sections including the renovation of the main train station in Ulm.

As part of an engineering community, GC GROUP provides construction supervision services.

Height profile PfA 2.1 with Albvorland tunnel (Photo: DB)
(Photo: DB)
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