Arroyo Vega Flood Relief Tunnel

At a glance
UT Vega (Cartellone – Roggio – Supercemento JV)
Buenos Aires City

A city’s answer to natural catastrophes

The city of Buenos Aires has suffered severe floods in at least 12 occasions between 1985 and 2001, all of them with heavy losses, including human lives. Thus, the city has developed its own Hydraulic Master Plan, including the second relief outfall for the 17 km2 basin of the Vega Stream.

GC GROUP’s role

The contract included monitoring during construction with instrumentation measurements follow-up and permanent advice based on the va­lues observed in the TBM operating parameters.

The consortium in charge of construction, Cartellone – Roggio – Supercemento JV, commissioned GC GROUP for the development of the detailed design and monitoring during construction of the main tunnel and all the complementary works for the 8.4 km long water drainage project.

Overview of GC services

  • Construction supervision
  • Detailed design
  • Additional works


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