Potable Water Provision

Integral project Sucre III, Bolivia

In 2016, the city of Sucre, Bolivia, suffered one of its greatest potable water supply crisis due to the lack of seasonal rain and water transportation channel blockage. These facts, in addition with the increasing city population growth put the lack of drinking water infrastructure on the spot.

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The reaction to a water crisis

ELAPAS, in charge of Sucre’s water service operation, took the decision to execute the “Sucre III and IV – Potable Water Supply Project”. In December 2016, GC GROUP was awarded in a joint venture with services for the Sucre III project, comprising the development of the feasibility study, basic and detailed design, elaboration of tender documents as well as support of the client during evaluation of the proposals, site supervision during construction and final approval of the construction works. GC GROUP was in charge of all services related to 3 mined tunnels, with a total length of approx. 7,6 km.

Services in a nutshell

  • feasibility studies
  • geological-geotechnical site investigation and characterization, basic and detail design, cost analysis, preparation of tender documents, consulting along the bidding stage
  • construction supervision, including final approval of construction works.
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