Pump storage power station Forbach

Extension of the existing power station

More is more

The power plant in Forbach, which is more than 100 years old, is being renewed and expanded, thus gaining more storage volume.

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The Rudolf-Fettweis-Storage in Forbach

In the northern Black Forest near Forbach is the approximately 100 year old power plant “Rudolf Fettweis-Werk” located. The old system consists of four individual power plants and has three main components: First, a reservoir (Schwarzenbachtalsperre), which is fed by several natural inflows and rainfall. Second, the power house in Forbach, where you can find the turbines and generators which are necessary to generate electricity. And thirdly, the compensation basin in Forbach, through which the water from the reservoir of the Schwarzenbachtalsperre flows into the river Murg after it has been processed for energy generation in the power house.

Extension of the storage volume

As part of the renewal and expansion of the power plant, the equalization basin will be expanded to include an underground water reservoir in caverns. The treated water flows into 6 cavern reservoirs still to be built and is then pumped up again by a pump turbine. The pumped storage power plant will also be expanded for this purpose.

Services in a nutshell

  • Draft tender
  • Preparation of the tender documents
  • Offer evaluation
  • Implementation planning
  • Design of the water caverns, tunnels and structures
  • Planning of operating tunnels and structures
  • Design of the pressure shafts, pressure tunnel armoring and concrete lining
  • Execution of structural details
  • Design of the lower stage of the discharge structure
  • Materials management and preparation for civil engineering work and dam construction
  • Geotechnical advice for dam construction and underground structures
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