Reisseck II+

One of the strongest hydropower plant groups in Europe

The Malta-Reisseck power plant complex is one of the largest and most efficient in Europe. The hydropower plants are being expanded to increase efficiency even more.

At a glance
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The already existing power plant group Malta-Reisseck

The Reisseck II + project is part of the Malta-Reisseck power plant group, a complex of several hydropower plants in Carinthia. The hydropower plant group consists of annual and daily storage tanks, power houses and pumping stations. The first power plant of this group was built in 1922, expanded in the following years and, especially after the Second World War, expanded generously.

The expansion Reißeck II +

The project represents a change in the pumped storage operation by expanding the pump-rolling operation and increasing the output of the already approved PSKW Reisseck II power plant. Essential plant components required for the operation of the Reißeck II + plant are already available and are used within the scope of existing permits. This means that additional storage capacities and thus the pump-and-roll operation for the PSKW Reisseck II are expanded and no new storage facilities are built. A new short subterranean hydraulic connection of the headrace route of the Reißeck II plant with the storage facility “Kleiner Mühldorfer See” and the merger with the bypass systems on the upper storage horizon enables the storage volume to be relocated and the existing crude fall height to the “Großer Mühldorfer See” to be used in an underground cavern for energy efficiency -, tunnel and structure system. In turbine operation, the output is increased from 430 MW to 475 MW. This corresponds to an additional increase in output of the PSKW Reisseck II plant by more than 11% without using additional water resources.

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