Sarmiento Railway Tunneling

The Sarmiento Railway Line, a 150 years old metropolitan Line serving Buenos Aires City, was part of one of the most ambitious infrastructure projects in Argentina’s recent times. The growth of the city and the changed necessities required the tunnelling of this line.

At a glance
Argentinian Ministry of Transportation

Renovation as a consequence of city growth

The Sarmiento railway line was opened in 1857, as one of 7 metropolitan lines serving the city of Buenos Aires. The city growth during more than 150 years and its nowadays necessities generated the need to tunnel this line. GC GROUP, was part of a joint venture which was in charge of developing every engineering, architecture and HVAC stage, from conceptual to detailed design.

Due to budgetary reasons in the midst of an economic crisis in 2018, construction was stopped and the project was called in for a complete revision.

Services in a nutshell

  • Development of basic and detailed design of all aditional works: Haedo and Castelar workshop civil structures
  • Refurnishment of existing surface stations
  • Electrical power stations
  • New vehicular bridges for the Once-Caballito section
  • Railway bridges over Reconquista River and Las Torres water stream
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