Contract management

for large infrastructure projects

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In the case of construction projects involving major infrastructure projects, the client appoints service providers to manage deadlines, costs and quality. In addition, the coordination of all project participants is an essential part of the client’s representatives. The contract management combines these services: cost and time management as well as coordination of all parties involved.

From the very beginning on

Contract management is a link between the client and the building supervision. It is a tool to control costs, time and quality, as well as to monitor the performance of the site supervision. The team is appointed before the main construction work of a construction project is commissioned in order to check the final tender documents for the main construction work in advance or to participate in bidding discussions before the construction work is awarded.

The building contract is the foundation

The basic tool is the building contract. It is of great importance for the employees of the contract management to subject the contract bundle to a detailed study. Coordination and explanations with those involved in the project take place in building contract discussions that are carried out by the contract management. The anti claim management as well as the updating of the construction contract are also part of the agendas of the contract management.

Time is money

A key area of ​​responsibility for contract management is deadline tracking and scheduling. The actual dates must be continuously compared with the contractually forecast timeline. If deviations are found, the impact must be checked and therefore it is decisive for the further course of the project.

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Another main task of contract management is the billing of costs. In addition to the actual coordination of the billing of the construction work, participation in the control of the billing itself also counts. Among other things, the accounting documents of the site supervision must be checked and the corrections of construction bills must be tracked.

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