Geological documentation

On-site geological surveying – subsurface, on surface and in urban areas

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We make your ground conditions transparent

We deploy experienced geologists and together with our clients we tailor and apply solutions, customized to the individual project. This includes detailed field mapping, photogrammetric techniques, on site laboratories and specialized software. Site investigation methods like trenches, core drillings, observation wells or geophysical methods are used to refine and extrapolate the documented ground conditions.

Our geologists will determine, analyze and characterize the soil and rock conditions and their implications on the construction. The recorded data constitute the basis for further analysis and consulting, ranging from design, claim management to maintenance questions. Based on those data we consult our clients in all aspects regarding safety, sustainability, optimization of the construction process, ground related claims and maintenance of the structure.

Our aim is more than just collecting data

The aim of the documentation work is to provide reliable, unambiguous, high quality data, that form a data basis beyond the life cycle of the project. We regard our work as highly interdisciplinary, therefor we emphasize the collaboration with all parties involved in a project.

Verify and update the ground model

The engineering design of subsurface structures is fundamentally linked to the ground model developed during previous project stages and is always afflicted with uncertainties. Hence the ground model has to be verified and updated during construction. This is a fundamental prerequisite for a safe and economic construction of most structures. As every construction progress creates new insights into the ground, geological documentation is essential to record them.


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