BIM – Building information modeling

From “Digit” to “dig it” or when a model meets reality

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In future the job will be done before the ground-breaking ceremony – but only digital

“Building Information Modeling” allows the building to be built before the first groundbreaking and enables the planner project team to create a tailor-made building for his client. This digital twin helps to deliver the client’s vision through all planning stages, approval processes, execution and will assist the maintenance through the remaining stage of the entire life cycle process.

We show you the future already today

Digitization is the industrial revolution of the 21st century, which is spreading unstoppably in all areas. Building Information Modeling (short: BIM) is one of the products of this revolution that allows us to visualize the future today. Even before the groundbreaking ceremony, BIM supports all types of building and construction projects, which makes it a highly efficient tool from cradle to cradle.

Ineffciency was yesterday

Classic planning methods in the past have forced us to make plans repeatedly, which was not only inefficient, but also increased the risk of inconsistencies. Using BIM in the planning phase not only means using state-of-the-art technology, it also means being closer to the future. The fusion of knowledge from other areas in an early project phase avoids future defects and additions, as well as any complete revisions of the design for all project participants, which in the end results in a shorter, more efficient planning process, which on both sides – client and contractor – a lot of time and saves costs.

We are curious

Geoconsult is a member of the standard-defining BuildingSmart Group in order to bring in many years of experience in modern tunnel construction. We also take part in research and development programs that define BIM technologies, which are the next big steps of tomorrow.

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