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We use geographic information systems every day, for example in the form of navigation systems. In the construction industry, projects of all sizes always relate to time and space, for example when determining the route or securing evidence for water management. GC GROUP provides such “geodata” interactively, location-independently, promptly and up-to-date to a wide range of users and supports customers in recording, managing, processing, analyzing and presenting.

“Everything is related to everything else, but near things are more related than distant things.” (Tobler’s First Law of Geography, 1970)

More than just a program

GIS is not just a program to generate maps. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are information systems for the acquisition, processing, organization, analysis and presentation of spatial and temporally variable data. GIS systems and programs are now established and used in almost every area of life: for example in the form of Google Maps, navigation devices and smartwatches.

However, especially in the professional area of large projects and small construction sites, a large part of the information has spatial reference: be it the planning of locations, route finding or the optimal placement of buildings, but also the generation of new information from analyzes of data and the intersection of different data sets. Spatially and temporally located and variable data (geodata) are made available to a wide range of users interactively, regardless of location, promptly and as up-to-date as possible. The group of users ranges from employees and ARGE partners to public and private clients and users.

GIS as lifecycle concept

The data ultimately relate to the life cycle cost (LCC) planning of the client or the operator of the infrastructures planned by us. In this context, a continuous flow of data from design through planning, construction, plant management to demolition is necessary and important. The project-related information is made available on a person-specific basis through digital access to databases. Real-time documentation supports efficient decision-making, interdisciplinary analyzes enable a more comprehensive, more extensive consideration and solution of problems.

GC GROUP builds its competence in the area of acquisition, administration, processing, analysis and presentation of geodata on many years of experience and combines this with the use of the most modern technologies. In order to achieve an optimal result, we tailor our solutions individually to the wishes of the client, which thus brings maximum benefit.

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