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The interface between the foundation and the structure is the excavation pit. They are therefore a fundamental component in the construction of many construction and infrastructure projects. We offer our customers comprehensive excavation planning, from the draft to the finished execution. In the case of complex construction pits, we use our geotechnical monitoring program to monitor the behavior of the subsoil.

The excavation as link between the structure and the foundation

Excavation pits function as workspace in the building of construction and infrastructure projects. They are created for foundations, the construction of tunnels, underground garages, canals or even for the basement of high-rise buildings. We plan the respective enclosure of the construction pits – the construction pit sheeting – based on the given soil conditions and considering the groundwater conditions as well as the local conditions.

We assume the planning for you

With the help of two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D) finite element calculations (FEM) and complying with the settlement limit values, we give our customers and partners recommendations for the right construction pit lining and dimension them in accordance with standards. We recommend the use of shotcrete, anchors, steel sheet piling, diaphragm walls or bored piles for excavation shoring.

Geotechnical monitoring program for complex conditions

The planning and construction of construction pits is particularly challenging in inner-city areas, in densely built-up areas or in projects with close delicate structures. In the course of the construction of the construction pit, subsidence and misalignments can occur on the construction or infrastructure project. Our team of experts therefore only makes recommendations for construction pit types and structures that conform to our FEM calculations and comply with the settlement limit values. For these projects in particular, we recommend a geotechnical monitoring program that is specially tailored to the subsoil conditions. Our team of experts compares all measurement results that result in the course of the construction with the 2D or 3D finite element calculations. If necessary, the existing planning can be adjusted based on the newly acquired knowledge.

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