Geotechnical investigation

We examine and monitor the subsoil conditions

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In order to be able to implement construction and infrastructure projects successfully and, above all, sustainably, you need a detailed knowledge of the subsoil conditions before the project begins. In this area, we offer our customers a comprehensive range of services – from geotechnical (preliminary) investigations to analyzes accompanying construction and renovation issues.

Geotechnical investigations are the basis for making decisions

Geotechnical investigations and analyzes serve as the basis for decision-making in construction and infrastructure projects. We often carry out feasibility and variant studies for our customers in the early project phases. In particular, the requirements for foundation, construction or implementation are analyzed. In each subsequent project phase, we use the most modern technologies for an extensive survey of the surface and subsurface conditions, as well as classic recording methods such as mapping, exploratory drilling or pumping and laboratory tests. From this data, we derive digital geological models of the surface and the subsoil (3D), which allow forecasts for load capacity, planning and construction. During construction, the existing subsoil conditions are documented and analyzed, and groundwater as well as possible soil movements and subsidence are monitored.

Most recent detection technology

For analyzing surface and subsurface conditions, we use the latest satellite and drone technologies as well as geophysical methods. We process the resulting data into BIM-compliant digital twins (virtual object models). A major advantage of these computer-aided models is their sustainable usability: They can be used during the entire life cycle of a building or the infrastructure and provide important information, particularly for operational management and renovation issues.

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