Natural hazards and risk management

The key to active climate change adaptation

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In many regions around the world, significant effects from environmental changes are obvious. Above all, intensive land use and the consequences of global climate change play a central role and pose new challenges for people and nature. In order to counteract this, we offer our customers detailed natural hazard and risk analyzes, evaluate potential measures and their cost effectiveness and then plan the targeted implementation – all from a single source.

Adaption to changed climatic conditions

Climate change is already visible in many places: According to current studies, floods, landslides, rockfalls, mudslides and avalanches are increasing in their frequency and intensity due to climatic changes. With targeted measures and optimal adaptation of the environment, damage cases can be prevented or at least limited in the future. We prepare comprehensive natural hazard and risk analyzes for our customers and partners, whereby all current and potential challenges are defined. In doing so, we follow the principles of integral risk management. We develop innovative solutions for risk reduction and support our customers during every project phase: from planning and implementation to maintaining organizational and technical measures.

Innovative and customer-oriented solutions

Our interdisciplinary team of young talents and experienced experts is always on the lookout for innovative, state-of-the-art solutions. We orientate ourselves individually to the requirements of our customers and partners and determine the best economical solution for them in harmony with nature.

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