Design and calculation of structure foundations

We develop complex and reliable solutions for structure foundations

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A requirement for the successful establishment of a construction or infrastructure project is a solid building site assessment and thus the choice of the right foundation. We offer our customers holistic state-of-the-art solutions – from the subsoil assessment to the dimensioning of the foundation elements to planning. With our geotechnical monitoring program, we also support our partners during the entire construction process, if required.

A solid fundament for construction and infrastructure projects

In order to make the right decisions for the foundation and to determine the exact planning, the subsoil is examined on site for its geomechanical properties and groundwater conditions in a detailed subsoil survey. Based on this knowledge, we derive possible risks and make our recommendations for suitable types of foundation. Possible types of foundations for construction and infrastructure projects are raft or deep foundations, the decisive factors are the existing soil properties.

In the case of raft foundations, the soil conditions can lead to settlement and inclinations on the construction or infrastructure projects. With the help of two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D) finite element calculations (FEM) and considering the applicable standards, we determine the building settlement and derive further settlements. If the data from the FEM analyzes indicate unacceptable subsidence, soil improvement may be beneficial. The shallow foundation is then redesigned in the form of a slab or strip foundation, taking the limit values ​​into account. If the FEM calculations show unstable conditions despite soil improvements, we plan a deep foundation and dimension it in accordance with applicable standards. Deep foundations lead the loads into stable soil layers and are implemented in the form of pile, diaphragm wall, well and caisson foundations.

Geotechnical monitoring program

In order to guarantee our customers and partners a successful implementation of the foundation measures, we recommend a geotechnical monitoring program, tailored to the existing subsoil conditions. Our team of experts compares all measurement results that result in the course of the construction with the 2D or 3D finite element calculations. If necessary, the existing planning can be adjusted based on the newly acquired knowledge.

Services in a nutshell

  • Subsoil expertise
  • Design preparation
  • Dimensioning of the foundation
  • Preparation of planning documents
  • Preparation of submission documents
  • Tender planning
  • Creation of planning and tender documents
  • Examination of offers and participation in awarding the contract
  • Implementation planning numerical calculations
  • Construction supervision
  • Geological / geotechnical construction supervision
  • Site supervision
  • Accompaniment of the geotechnical monitoring program

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