Individual, innovative and sustainable mining solutions

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Geoconsult is a reliable planning and consulting partner for the mining industry all around the world. We provide expertise and support in mining and environmental engineering, processing-knowledge as well as geotechnics. We see it as our mission to implement digitalization processes into mining and develop modern concepts for future mining.

Understanding the work environment

Miners work within an environment of permanent changes, caused by fluctuations in prices, new operational and environmental regulations or technological developments towards automation. Currently, digitalization in mining, as well as the electrification of underground machine-parks cause significant challenges for the mining industry. GC GROUP creates individual and forward-thinking solutions for clients in the mining industry worldwide. Because of our experience and detailed knowledge, we can implement new aspects into modern mining operations and ultimately turn them into value.

Modern and individual mining solutions

GC GROUP has a proven track-record in underground planning and an experienced team of geo-engineers and renown experts in the field of geotechnics, spatial engineering and environment. We support our customers and partners with innovative and sustainable solutions. Therefore, we provide services in monitoring, productivity-optimization and mine-design, as well as improvement of existing mining-systems, mine-equipment and mine-layouts. All our services include state-of-the-art technology and -methods.

Services in a nutshell

  • Slope-stability analysis and simulation for pits and mine dumps
  • Development and application of monitoring concepts
  • Geotechnical monitoring, evaluation and interpretation of data
  • Prediction of ground- and system-behavior for underground and open pit mines including the use of satellite-based InSAR services, airborne monitoring and others
  • Risk and hazards evaluation workshops
  • Risk assessment and risk management analysis
  • OEE- and equipment-assessments for an increase in equipment-productivity and -efficiency
  • Studies focusing on alternative mining concepts such as in-pit crushing and conveying
  • Planning and guidance in infrastructure refurbishment-projects
  • Design and support of mine-rehabilitation
  • Participation in plant and mining-system planning and engineering reviews from a perspective of mining and processing-experts
  • Audit and evaluation of existing mining systems for operational improvement
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