Railway technology and route planning

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GC is a competent and strong partner in the planning of rail projects. With the latest technology and interdisciplinary networked thinking, we cover all service phases in the areas of route planning and rail technology.

Railways as future means of transport

Global change is unstoppable. A rethink is not only necessary with regard to the climate, but also the steadily increasing population density, combined with increased vacation and business trips and a high demand for faster and, above all, safe means of transport pose a challenge in the planning of infrastructure projects. Many countries are more and more focusing on expanding the rail network and their interoperability when expanding the infrastructure. One of the great advantages of rail transport is that large quantities of people and goods can be transported in a CO2-neutral and sustainable manner. This is important to both our customers and us, which is why we place high demands on quality and comfort. This is our contribution to global climate protection.

The railway route is our goal

A major challenge is taking stakeholders into account and finding the balance between citizens, interest groups, ecologists, land consumption and the requirements of the client. Railway infrastructure projects are mostly interdisciplinary and very complex and therefore require networked and practice-oriented thinking and acting.

Our services cover all project stages, starting with the study and design, through submission and implementation planning to the renovation and expansion of existing routes. Likewise, the creation of plans in GIS systems, CAD, BIM, ProVI and the planning of electrical / mechanical systems.

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