Underground construction

Creating a new living space

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Underground constructions represent an essential element of infrastructure in today’s world. They are holistic and sustainable engineering structures for which we find the solution tailored to your requirements. We offer our customers cavity planning, from design to execution.

The formation of new space

Underground structures are all man-made underground spaces, such as caverns, tunnel structures and shafts. They are an essential component for infrastructure facilities for transport, storage and supply in densely built-up cities. But also for the realization of sustainable and future-oriented road and railroad infrastructures for passenger and freight transport, tunnel structures represent an essential structural element. For the purpose of storage and supply of industrial goods, cavity constructions are built in the form of cavern complexes. We provide those experts for the realization of the integral and sustainable infrastructure projects, which are a central part in an interdisciplinary planning team.

Expertise through experience

The project experience gathered over decades in a wide variety of geologies around the world is incorporated into the planning and implementation by our experts. The planning of the cavity structures takes place in coordination with the requirements for the use of the cavity structures and taking into account the prevailing geology, taking into account the most modern construction methods.  

With the aid of two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D) finite element calculations and in compliance with the settlement limit values, we propose cavity support elements. These are dimensioned taking into account the applicable standards.

For cavity structures in inner-city areas and for those with adjoining sensitive structures, our experts suggest construction methods and construction processes that are measured using of the most modern calculation methods to ensure compliance with the settlement limit values.

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