Our vision and values

What we stand for

We are interdisciplinary and flexible

Our highly motivated and flexible employees are our greatest asset and our top priority. We are organized in multicultural and interdisciplinary teams. We combine dynamic vigor with experience and expertise in order to provide the best possible problem-solving skills.

We think holistically and sustainably

We focus on the lifecycle concept. In infrastructure projects we consider all phases, from planning through maintenance to decommissioning and dismantling. In doing so, sustainability is our priority: we are focussed on lifecycle cost consideration, functionality and also adaptability on social, economical an ecological challenges. We consider ourselves as a connection between nature and technology and committed to using them consciously and in a sustainable manner- because they are the basis of all livelihood.

Global challenges are our drive

Research and development are essential for us. The world is turning faster and faster and the way in which we perceive the environment, the way we move, and the way we work is constantly changing. Digitalization has set new rules, climate change and urbanization are facts. We work with state-of-the-art technologies and cooperate with our partners to develop the solutions of tomorrow.  

We see ourselves as a community

GC GROUP sees itself first and foremost as a community with shared values rather than a purely economic entity. We are responsible for our employees, doing so we focus on individual development opportunities with the option of a global career. We are an honorable company, we constantly strive for living our value culture and for acting accordingly.