Monitoring and early warning System of Landslides

in Kyrgyzstan

Radioactive contaminated sites in combination with massive landslides harbor enormous risks for large regions of Kyrgyzstan and their residents. A scale-based monitoring and early warning system for landslides in the area of radioactive contaminated sites should minimize these risks.
At a glance
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Extreme nature

Due to the extremely high alpine character of the country and intense seismic activity in the form of earthquakes, Kyrgyzstan is particularly prone to natural hazards like landslides and avalanches. The extreme weather events, such as heavy rain, which are additionally favored by climate change, often lead to large-scale floods, which also result in landslides, mud and soil avalanches with volumes of several million cubic meters.

Radioactive legacies

In addition to the considerable potential for natural hazards, in southern Kyrgyzstan in the catchment area of ​​the city of Mailuu Suu there are contaminated sites from the Soviet era, including radioactive material from uranium mining that was operated up to the end of the 1970s. Most of this material was deposited in landfills and tailing ponds in the valley floor area and is therefore particularly exposed to landslides. The resulting risks include the possible destruction of these facilities with the associated remobilization and transport of radioactive material through streams and rivers into regions that are used intensively for agriculture.

The project goal

The long-term goal of the project is to reduce the risks emanating from Kyrgyz uranium contaminated areas through optimized monitoring and remediation measures. Based on the latest monitoring technologies, Geoconsult developed a spatially and temporally scalable monitoring and warning system for landslides. To achieve this, both fixed and mobile components were used, such as satellites, drones, cameras, weather stations and groundwater levels. For the implementation, employees of the Kyrgyz Ministry of Emergency Situations were trained in operation and in the area of ​​data interpretation.

The development of the landslide monitoring and warning system was part of an EU funded project and is unique in Central Asia.

Services in a nutshell

  • Design, technical execution and accompanying control during the installation of the mobile and fixed equipment
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