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 Infrastructure inspections

Infrastructure inspections

The importance of inspecting buildings and structures is often underestimated. Defects can be identified and corrected at an early stage, before damage even occurs.

Acting instead of reacting

The planning and construction phases are only 5% of the service life of a structure – it is obvious that a more than reliable and experienced partner is required for the remaining 95% of the service life in order to record the current condition of the building and to initiate any renovations at an early stage to guide the ways.

Various recent events also increasingly show that the regular inspection and the resulting measures not only save the structure in the long term, but also human lives.

We offer help when you need it

With many years of experience in the field of building inspections and implementation monitoring, especially in the area of critical infrastructure (high-level transport network, airports), GC Group is a competent partner for cost-efficient building assessments and damage assessments. In the event of an incident (fire, start-up damage, etc.), our experts are available at short notice and not only determine the damage, but also prepare a cost estimate for the repair if necessary.

Safety first – also in critical situations

For the regularly recurring controls and inspections, Geoconsult Group relies on its well experienced team, which also subjects long tunnels (e.g. Plabutsch Tunnel) to a close-to-hand check within a very short time and the resulting data either in the classic way using CAD or in 3D scans transmits and evaluates. Even for non professionals, daring-looking manhole assessments by means of well-trained employees and always with the highest level of security in mind are not a major challenge. Critical or almost inaccessible areas can also be easily reached using UAVs (drones) and do not require any complicated auxiliary measures.

Services in a nutshell

  • Damage documentation and assessments both after events and due to wear and tear / aging
  • Tunnel inspections / controls including all ancillary systems (collectors, caverns, associated buildings, drainage and ventilation systems)
  • Manhole drives / inspections
  • Bridge inspections
  • Preservation of evidence (also e.g. before special transports)

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